Retreat In The Sahyadris By Khosla Associates
This picturesque site is located in the Western Ghats perched on the backwaters of a lake and surrounded by the Sahyadri mountain ranges. A retreat to escape the frenetic pace of Mumbai life and to reinvigorate the senses. The living spaces are extroverted and permeable allowing nature to penetrate its envelope; the private spaces are introverted and protected.
Architecture Photography
By Shamanth Patil J
Villa Project By Weespace Interiors
Nagalingam Vedu Residence
Designed By Khosla Associates
Shades of Grey
Designed By Architect Binesh Balagopal of Nvironment Planning
The Cloaked House
Designed By Cadence Architects
Apartment Project
Private Residence-Kessaku
Designed By White Shadow Design Studio
Private Residence KFT
Luxurious apartment designed by Fulcrum Studio.
Photographed By Shamanth Patil J
4 Seasons Apartment
Designed By Vinita Chaitanya Photography Shamanth Patil J
Wilasa Villa Designed By Wespace Interiors
Photographed By Shamanth Patil
Designed By Alchemy Architects, Kerala
Wayanad House Designed By Khosla Associates.
‘Anand Mandiram’ a plantation home in Wyanad, Kerala. Designed by Khosla Associates.
Patil Residence
Designed by The Design Collaborative
Framed House
Designed By Crest Architects.
Photographed by Shamanth Patil J
House of Voids
Designed By BetweenSpaces Architects, Bangalore.
Photographed By Shamanth Patil J
Sanctuary House-Hyderabad By RMA Architects
A beautiful House in Hyderabad designed by RMA Architects.
Twin House
Designed By Jalihal Associates, Belgaum.
3 Homes And A Garden
Designed By Cadence Architects
Nordic Summer- Private Residence
Designed By Juned Jalihal Architects
Private Residence Hyderabad
Private Residence in Hyderabad designed by Weespace Interiors.
Photographed By Shamanth Patil J
Private Residence Hyderabad
Designed By Haresh Lakhani Architects
Designed By technoarchitects
Photography- Shamanth Patil J
Temple Tree House
Designed By Haresh Lakhani Architects
House Of No Bricks
A House Designed By Urban Design Collaborative in Coimbatore.
Shamanth Patil J
Peninsula Heights Residence
Designed By Maya Nair Design Studio
Bhuwalka House-By Khosla Associates
The west-facing frontage of the plot has a beautiful tree straddling the compound wall and we were keen to establish a dialogue between the house and the tree. The house is richly layered and textured with a judicious mix of materials, which extends into the choice of furniture, furnishings and artwork. The large expanses of Jaisalmer yellow sandstone are juxtaposed with the warmth of timber on the sloping roofs, polished cement and exposed concrete on wall and ceiling surfaces and a linear wall painted a deep ink blue.
Architecture&Interior Photography
By Shamanth Patil J
Project Lush
Designe By Multitude of Sins
Brigade Exotica
Designed By STUDIO GSA. Luxurious apartment by Brigade Groups in Bangalore. Published by Architectural Digest AD.
Photographed By Shamanth Patil J
Designed By Balan & Namisan Architects
Badari House Designed By Cadence Architects
Designed By Ganesh Nair, Whitespace Interiors
Designed By Khosla Associates
Residential Project Designed By Collage Architects
A residential project designed by Collage Architects in Bengaluru. The entire house designed with lots of light and shade. The Indoor garden and tree makes the house more tropical.
Photographed By Shamanth Patil J
URRB Residence
Designed By Mathew & Ghosh Architects Photographed for Architectural Digest India Photography By Shamanth Patil J
Farm House at Smilee Greens
A Farm house in bangalore designed by Shuonya Nava Designs.
Shuonya Nava Designs
Photography By Shamanth Patil J
Embassy Boulevard
Designed By Shernavaz Bharucha Interiors. Embassy Boulevard is an uber-luxury gated community Off NH7, 12 kms before the Kempegowda International Airport and 13 kms from the Hebbal flyover. Embassy Boulevard is an embodiment of exclusivity, sophistication and responsible luxury.
Designed By Shernavaz Bharucha Interiors
Photographed By Shamanth Patil
Floating walls Residence
Designed By Crest Architects, Bangalore.
Photographed By Shamanth Patil J
Gulmohar Villo
Designed By Weespace Interiors. There’s a certain beauty about this apartment, nestled amid lush greenery and located in the heart of downtown Bangalore. The spacious 2 BHK belongs to a young couple with a newborn and a pet dog. The couple had envisioned their home as a Victorian townhouse—which at the same time needed to be upbeat to match their urban lifestyle.
House of Chickpet
Designed By 4Site Architects, Bengaluru
Brigade Laguna Show Apartment
Designed By Studio GSA
Apartment In Pune
Designed By AVN Architects Mumbai
Private Residence
Designed By Multitude Of Sins
Photographed By Shamanth Patil J
Krishnan House Designed By Khosla Associates
Krishnan House, Bangalore The 16,000 sft site of the Krishnan house had several existing trees and we envisioned a relatively low-slung architectural expression that would be interpretive of a vernacular aesthetic, while accommodating its green surroundings. An architecture of sloped Mangalore tiled roofs and rough-cut Shira stone cladding contrasts with floors of rough and polished Kota and joinery of teak.
Architecture, Photography
Mangalore House
Designed By RGP Architects, Mangalore.
Kalro Residence Designed By Cadence Architects
A Beautiful apartment designed by Cadence Architects in the heart of Bengaluru. The apartment is Surrounded by beautiful trees gives the perspective of old Bengaluru.
Leela Residences Bangalore
Designed By BNA Architects
RR Nagar House
Designed By Technoarchitects, Bangalore
Vanaja Courtyard House
Designed By Vriksh Design Studio
Svasa Apartment Designed By Cadence Architects
Designed By ZZ Architects
Designed By M9 Design Studio
Designed By FADD
Pramuk MM Meridian
Luxurious Apartment Designed by Mindspace Architects in south Bangalore.
Photographed By Shamanth Patil J
Designed By SDeG
Designed By ZZ Architects
Designed By ZZ Architects
Designed By ZZ Architects
Spectra Palmwood
Designed By CnT Architects
Photography By Shamanth Patil J
Project Metropolis
Designed By Multitude of Sin
Photography By Shamanth Patil J
Elle Decor Cover Shoot
Photography By Shamanth Patil J
Sky Residence
Designed By MAIA Design Studio
Photography By Shamanth Patil J
Tree By The House
Designed By Ashwin Architect Photographed By Shamanth Patil J
Terrace Garden
Designed By Aakriti Saraf Designs
Photography By Shamanth Patil J
R House By FADD Studio
One Bangalore West-Show Flat-1
One Bangalore West-Show Flat New
Phoenix OBW Architecture
Phoenix Kessaku Show Flat
Hiranandani Apartment By AVN Architects
1058 House-Hyderabad-Designed By Khosla Associates
House 1058, Hyderabad. This house in the upscale neighbourhood of Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad is characterised by its accentuated and cantilevered timber clad trapezoidal roof forms that hover above the main spaces. A series of staggered rooms with slopes in different directions orient towards the privacy of an internal garden. Photography - Shamanth Patil J
Architecture & Interior Photography
Architecture & Interior Photography
Padival House by Anahata Architects
Padival House at Belgaum, by Anahata Architects
Photography, Architecture
Courtyard House By The Purple Ink Studio
L-Plan House By Khosla Associates
Architecture, Photography
Raffles Park
Apartment Indiranagar
Designed By Aakriti Saraf Designs
Photography By Shamanth Patil J
K House By AVN Architects & Interior Designers
Mia's Home-Good Homes Magazine
Photography By Shamanth Patil J
Bhasha House By Khosla Associates
Kings House Apartment-Architecture-ByPurple INK Studio
THE LOGN HOUSE By Khosla Associates
HOME By Huma Suleman Designer