Shamanth Patil J is an award-winning design and humanitarian photographer based out of Bangalore. With over 15 years of professional experience attributed to his diverse portfolio and ever-morphing body of work, he strives to amalgamate his eye for detail and surrealism in the form of impactful imagery. 
The roots of his conviction to pursue the craft of photography trace back to the young and impressionable age of five. It was the first time he laid his eyes upon a DSLR Camera, an object that filled him with curiosity and indescribable joy! From then on until 17 years ahead, he persevered to build and strengthen his sense of visual conceptualisation, unveiling his desire to vividly perceive imagery, colour, texture, and composition. 
With his alma mater as Shari Academy of Photography - Mumbai, and an opportunity to cultivate his creative vision under the tutelage of late revered Photojournalist T.S. Satyan. At 22, Shamanth embarked on the professional path of photography, now creating vignettes that are a crossover amidst cutting edge and mesmerising in equal yet complementary measures. 
He founded Rays & Greys, a multidisciplinary Photography practice in 2009. At its core, the studio strives to document and celebrate myriad facets of Architecture, Interior Design, Product, and People photography. 
The recent years have witnessed him steer his focus prevalently on Architectural and Interior photography endeavours. This has innately satiated his penchant for spaces, scale, light, craft, and the relationship among human end-users and their spaces.
His works have been featured at numerous design exhibitions and symposiums while his imagery continues to grace national publications and platforms overseas. 
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